My name is Buddhagunz365. I am an Entrepreneur.  I am a Writer, Designer, Motivational Speaker, Personal Coach, Artist, Activist, StationManager at TheBlessingRadio.Net, and Artistic Director at DJDPONE.COM., Web Developer, Social Media Director, Professional Transporter and Meme Page Admin. Basically if a hat needs to be worn in making my dreams come true I wear it. Most importantly I am a Father and a Friend.   My life is about creation.  It is about spreading love in the form of art. I was born in Spanish Harlem, raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and spent my summers in the South Bronx as a child.  Born in El Barrio in New York City in 1971 I was blessed to have experienced the birth of a true American Original, The Culture of Hip Hop! It influences my art, my writing, my comedy and my life. As a respected member of several historic Graffiti Art Crews, The Soul Stoned Brothers, Out To Bomb, and Killers Of Graffiti, I have been blessed to get to know and have behind the scenes access to some of the most amazing artist in the Graffiti World. Being raised in Brooklyn during the Golden Era of Hip Hop allowed me to forge lifelong friendships that give me exclusive access to true hip hop culture. As Art Director for one of New York Premiere DJs the World Renowned Original Heavy Hitter DJ DPOne I have a unique opportunity to document the life of one of New York City's most beloved and talented artist as we venture. I am also on a journey to lose over 400 pounds and document that for the world as well. Thank you for your support and join our team on the adventure of a lifetime! As Will Power has always said HIP HOP IS OUR RELIGION! Come watch me worship and watch me shine. I believe every man, woman, and child has the potential to #BEAGOD and bless the world as they have been blessed. BLESSINGS!